TTC have developed a Slickline Operations Training Manual which is now in its 5th reprint. It is used as courses support and has been widely accepted as a reference book for slickline. Based on the successful 3 editions of the original TTC Wireline Operations Training Manual this rewritten and updated manual is an essential slickline referenceand training tool.

Chapter               Title
1 The Well Xmas Trees Basic completions Safety
2 Pressure Control Equipment
3 Surface Equipment Rig-Up H2S Safety
4 Wireline and Wireline Unit Basic Service Tools
5 Toolstring Components Fishing Neck Sizes
6 Standard Service Tools
7 Lock Mandrels Running Tools
8 Plugs and Test Tools BPV's
9 Circulation Devices Shifting Tools
10 Safety Valves - DCSSV / SCSSV / SSV's Control Panel
11 Gaslift Side Pocket Mandrels Kickover Tools Basic Valve Types
12 Baker Equipment
13 Remedial Wireline Operations • Perforators • Pack-offs •Swabbing • Bailers
14 Wireline Fishing
15 BHP and Ameradas Gauges Electronic Gauges
16 Calculations Conversion Factors Reference Data
17 Answer Key for Chapter Quizzes

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