As an independent training provider TTC provides training solutions "Taylormade" to suit your needs. As such we are not limited to the scope outlined in this document and TTC would welcome the opportunity to become your training partner of choice.TTC enjoy a positive relationship with most of the major equipment manufacturers, which enables TTC to teach a wide variety of tools and equipment.

  • Providing customized course design specific to a clients nee
  • Training of their personnel to train internally
  • Provision of training packages and material
  • Assessment of training needs (TNA) and training the “gap”
  • Assessment of skills and monitoring of competency based training
  • Training matrix software to track future training and provide audit trail for training.
  • “Franchise” training packages – while monitoring exam papers, updates, licensed use of material on-going revenue stream)

The original TTC was established in 1986 with offices in Oman, Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia. Bob and his instructing team provided specialized training to oil operating companies, primarily Shell and Arco (now BP). The TTC Wireline Operations Manual became widely used for training and reference.

Training was conducted at a wide range of operational locations in the Middle East. SE Asia and the USA.

Bob Taylor and Class attendee